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AC Phone Grip


Cute Custom and Anime Accessories

Add some flair to your apparel, phone, or bag with adorable chibi accessories from Ahhgela! We offer hard phone grips, hard enamel pins, and keychains inspired by characters from popular anime and video game series such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Animal Crossing! We also have original art available.

Cute Chibi Accessories for Your Phone, Backpack, Keys & More

Find exactly what you’re looking for when you browse through our accessories by type!

Product Details

Our anime accessories are made from top-tier materials and feature original designs not available anywhere else.

  • Round phone grips are easy to attach and available in a variety of designs.
  • Our pins are made from hard enamel with gold, silver, or nickel plating.
  • Rainbow holo keychains are double-sided and durable. All chibi keychain accessories come with a heart or star clasp.

More Products from Ahhgela

Ahhgela’s online shop has more than just cute anime accessories. We also offer air fresheners and peeking stickers of your favorite characters that are perfect for your car. Personalize your water bottle, notebook, or laptop today with one of our custom mini sticker designs!

Unique Designs

All cute anime accessories and merchandise featured on our website is custom made by our in-house designer and illustrator and is exclusive to Ahhgela!

Browse through our high-quality enamel pins, double-sided holographic keychains, and comfortable phone grips today to find anime accessories matching any occasion!

custom anime air freshener car air freshener

Air Fresheners

Cute Car Air Fresheners

Freshen up your car with a cute air freshener from Ahhgela! Check out our designs inspired by popular series such as Animal Crossing, Sailor Moon, We Bare Bears, and more! We also offer cute custom car fresheners featuring tasty treats and delicious scents.

Look and Smell You’ll Enjoy

All of Ahhgela’s product designs are created in-house and made exclusively for our store. Each car air freshener has a hand-selected scent that complements the character and an elastic band for easy placement. Attach one to your car mirror and enjoy scents like spearmint, coffee, strawberry, and more! Our cute car fresheners are the ideal accessory to keep you company on long drives!

Show Your Style with Ahhgela

Ahhgela sells unique character-inspired and custom art designed by our in-house artist. In addition to cute car air fresheners, we also offer products like peeking stickers, mini stickers, and accessories. Shop now to personalize your stuff with your favorite characters!

soju air freshener


hunterxhunter air freshener

Anime Air Fresheners

Ino kun Mini Peeking Sticker

Anime Mini Stickers

avatar last air bender peeking sticker anime

Anime Peeking Stickers

soju air freshener

Custom Air Fresheners

Browse our collection of custom air fresheners!
Buff Kuma Bear Mini Sticker

Custom Mini Stickers

Shop our collection of custom mini stickers!
custom dog car decal sticker

Custom Peeking Stickers

Browse our collection of custom peeking stickers! Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Our decals are printed on a glassy laminate vinyl and are UV and water resistant!
Candy 002 Pin

Enamel Pins

Holo Keychain


Browse our collection of cute and unique keychains!
Ghost Gang License Plate Frame

License Plate Frames

Browse our collection of unique license plate frames!
Mini Stickers

Mini Stickers

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Peeking Stickers

Peeking Stickers

Custom and Anime Peeking Stickers

Looking for a fun way to personalize your laptop, car, water bottle, and notebooks? A peeking sticker by Ahhgela is exactly what you need! Shop decals inspired by characters from King of the Hill, Overwatch, Boku no Hero Academia, and more! We also offer cute custom designs.

Our peeking car stickers are made just for Ahhgela’s shop and not sold anywhere else online! All peeking decals are printed on a glossy laminate vinyl that’s UV and water-resistant. Decorate your car window using one of these stickers without worry of it fading or peeling!

More About Ahhgela

Ahhgela started with a love of games and shows like League of Legends and GaiaOnline. What began as a table at a local convention has grown to include multiple conventions throughout the year, as well as our online store.

Ahhgela’s merchandise is always unique because all of our peeking stickers, mini stickers, air fresheners, and accessories are created in-house by our designer and illustrator, Angela.

To hear about future product releases, convention appearances, and sales, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us via social media!

Phone Grips

Phone Grips

overwatch mercy sticker car decal


Valorant Agents Peeking Sticker


cute bear air freshener

TV Air Fresheners

Browse our collection of TV inspired custom air fresheners!
Ice Bear Mini Sticker

TV Mini Stickers

baby yoda car sticker

TV Peeking Stickers

Water Gang Air Freshener

Video Game Air Fresheners

Browse our collection of video-game inspired custom air fresheners!
Among Us Mini Sticker

Video Game Mini Stickers

Valorant Agents Peeking Sticker

Video Game Peeking Stickers

animal crossing car sticker

Video Game Peeking Stickers